Max's Big Camp Out 2022

We’re celebrating the second anniversary of Max’s incredible challenge on Saturday 26th March! Last year, hundreds of children from around the world joined Max to celebrate his first anniversary of camping out by having their own campout. This year, with a little help from celebrity pals such as Carol Vorderman, Max is holding a second Big Camp Out! Find your perfect camping spot, whether that’s in your living room in an amazing den made of cushions or in the garden in a tent of your own, and join the fun on the 26th March 2022. Your support to raise funds for a charity of your choice is making a difference to people’s lives every day.

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Max's Story

12-year-old Max began camping in his garden on the 29th March 2020 to raise money for the North Devon Hospice. Shortly before he passed away, family friend Rick was cared for by the hospice and Rick gifted his tent to Max, urging him to have an adventure with it. What started as a challenge to camp outside for a few days has snowballed into a 2-year-long epic journey.

Max has battled howling winds, battering rains and lost a number of tents to stormy weather. Despite the often-times difficult weather conditions, Max has remained steadfastly outside and all to support the hospice.

Camping out for so long has given Max a unique perspective on the impact isolation has had on so many children and adults around the world. Whilst the steps taken to keep people safe have been necessary, Max has become a symbol of togetherness even though we’re apart. Although we may not be able to see friends, family and loved ones around the world, we can all be part of something together by raising funds to support charities doing vital work to help others.

Camping with Max

Find out more about Max’s camp out for North Devon Hospice or donate to his page.

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